There’s a lot more to the army than free liquor,Mr Rum-dass Athawale

Ramdas Athawale, currently the Social Justice Minister (whatever that means) , known more for his ridiculous clothing and equally ridiculous poetry than his political leadership qualities, has come up with his latest cringe-worthy statement.

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I want Dalit youth to join the Army for free foreign liquor

Mr Athawale, though we are accustomed to having a good laugh over your nonsense utterances, this time your nonsense has really gone far. Agreed that most of our civilians know nothing about the armed forces other than subsidized liquor and canteen facility, and we expect nothing better from the likes of great men like you, but demeaning the armed forces publicly like this is certainly not acceptable. Lets break down your sorry rantings to analyse them:-

“We have been demanding reservations for the Dalit youth in Army, Navy and Air Force because the community is a fighter and ready to make the supreme sacrifice for the nation,”

The armed forces are not some stupid organization like your party where just about anyone from the town drunk to Rakhi Sawant can join.  The honour, the spirit (the only spirit you know is alcohol, but I’m not referring to that kind of spirit) and the dignity which a soldier upholds , for which he joins the service cannot be understood by people like you, whose thinking begins with reservation and ends with entitlement. The Indian armed forces is comprised of soldiers coming from everywhere in India. And anyone who tries to categorize them by religion and caste is a lowlife. Supreme sacrifice for the nation is not made by asking for reservations, it can made by only someone who is a lion-heart. Do you mean to say that there is no one from the scheduled castes or scheduled tribes in the army? Or that none of them has ever sacrificed themselves wearing the uniform? You are demeaning the very people you claim to represent and love. We do not need you to remind us of the valour of Bhils in Rana Pratap’s army, Kunbis in Chhatrapati Shivaji’s army , or of Holkars and Shindes who were a power by themselves. People like you have been working overtime to create ‘dalit’ identity separate from Hinduism but forget that most still hold on to their Hindu identity proudly. People who beg for votes and cabinet berths can never understand that a uniform cannot be bought. Only a few can earn it.

“In fact, more people lose their lives in road accidents and due to heart attack, so the Dalit youth should not think that going to the Army is equal to getting martyred,”

People dying in road accidents either die due to their or others mistakes, stupidity or recklessness. . In army, the soldiers die for protecting the nation, to protect people like you to sleep peacefully and dream of rum and write stinking poetry.

Army is NOT like most  jobs in state govt or central govt where one gets awarded for inefficiency and can play the caste card to get selected/promoted. There can be no reservation for selecting the protector of the country. The spirit and passion to brave anything in the line of duty cannot be measured by reservation and quota nonsense.

“Instead of consuming country-made liquor, the Dalit youth should join the Army where rum is available and they will also get good food to eat.”

By saying this, you have painted the entire communities that come into the dalit fold in the country as country liquor drinking freeloaders who join a service to get free food and cheap freebies. For your information, you have insulted them more than any ‘manuvadi’ or ‘upper caste’ that you and your likes love to abuse at the drop of the hat. Noone is a Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian in the armed forces. Noone is a Brahmin, Rajput, Maratha, Jat or Dalit in the armed forces. Everyone is just a  soldier, who does his thankless job for ungrateful people who remember him only in case of natural disasters or wars.

Even the ex-President seems to be telling you to stop making irresponsible statements

Leaders like you Mr Athawale, are the product of a society which keeps on crying about its rights but never even once talks about its duties. I hope that this article reaches you and someone reads and explains it to you. You may or may not understand most of it, but understand one thing:- You are free to make a fool of yourself, but you aren’t free to insult the armed forces.

Mr Athawale is more famous for his fashion sense than his work