5 Foods That Lower Bad Cholesterol Naturally!

Foods beneficial in High Cholesterol

Broadly speaking cholesterol is of two types. Good cholesterol (High density cholesterol-HDL cholesterol) and Bad cholesterol (Low density cholesterol- LDL Cholesterol). Bad cholesterol causes atherosclerosis and narrowing of arteries, so it is a slow killer. While the good cholesterol is desirable. Following food articles help to lower bad cholesterol naturally:

#1 Nuts
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Almonds, Walnuts, Peanuts and other nuts are good for heart. About 60 Gms. Of nuts per day can lower bad cholesterol by 5%. Nuts also have other nutrients which protect heart by other different ways.

#2 Oats
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It contains high soluble fiber. If Strawberry or Banana is added to that, then they give more soluble fiber, which is good and helps to lower bad cholesterol.

#3 Beans
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They are also rich in soluble fiber. Body takes a long time to digest them, so you feel full for a long time. This reduces your total calorie intake.

#4 Foods fortified with Sterols and Stanols
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It is added in Margarine, Orange Juice, and Chocolates etc. It is also available as supplement. About 2 Gms. Of Sterols and Stanols can lower bad cholesterol by 10%.

#5 Fish
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Fish 2-3 times a week reduces bad cholesterol in two ways.- 1. By reducing meat intake, which has got LDL boosting saturated fats, and 2. By delivering LDL cholesterol lowering Omega 3 fats.

#6 Whole grain bread and Cereals
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It contains more fiber and keep you fill for a long time. Ideally you should also substitute Fruits and vegetable for processed food and sweets.

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