Significance of Abhyanga Snana and its benefits

Abhyanga Snana

Every year on Naraka Chaturdashi, Hindus wake up early in the morning, preferably before sunrise and follow an important ritual called the Abhyanga Snana. Many Hindus, especially the younger generation may not know the significance or the scientific reasons behind following this ritual.

Utna and ayurvedic oil

Ayurveda suggests the use of lukewarm sesame seed oil (till seed) for the Abhyanga Snana. Abhyanga means a complete body massage, which includes gently massaging the body parts until the skin absorbs all the oil. It is also suggested that after the massage, you perform simple stretching or floor exercises as this helps absorb the oil and remove toxins. This is followed by a bath, using a mix of fragrant Ayurvedic herbs called Utna or Ubtan. The warm oil massage and Ayurvedic herbs have so many benefits that the ritual could be beneficial for anyone who wishes to feel rejuvenated.

Here are seven key benefits of an Abhyanga Snana

Keeping you warm during winters

The sesame seed oil helps generate heat in the body thereby making you feel warm and relaxed. You can do a sesame oil massage few times a week during the winter season for maximum benefits.

Sesame seed oil massage

No more wrinkles and lines

A deep oil massage relaxes your skin pores, giving you a beautiful glow. It also protects your skin from premature wrinkles and lines.

At home spa treatment

It’s like a detox treatment for your skin that leaves you feeling invigorated.

Eyesight improvement

Massaging the sole of your feet is said to improve your eyesight.

Foot massage

Pitta reduction

A good oil massage can also help reduce the pitta or the acidity levels in your body.

Muscle strengthening

The massage also helps strengthen your muscles.

Utna or Ubtan

Lower stress levels

After a bath using the fragrant Utna, you are sure to feel calm and positive throughout the day. Your stress levels will drastically go down.

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Hope you keep these benefits in mind and give yourself a rigorous champi tomorrow!