3 Ways To Subtract Negative Thoughts From Your Mind!

Everybody knows that negative thinking is harmful for our body and mind.

But why do negative thoughts come to our mind? Negative thoughts are like darkness. Darkness is absence of light. When light comes it drives out the darkness in a moment. Similarly when the mind is empty, it automatically gets filled with the negative thoughts!

Most of the times we remember bad and painful experiences from the past, and get  stressed  about the trivial things in future. This is Negative Thinking. If you want to drive away these things from our mind and allow the light of positive thoughts in your mind and keep it filled with them follow the 3 steps below!

Step 1. Think Differently!
Think Different
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As suggested by Adi Shankaracharya, if you change the direction of your thoughts, you can stop the negative feelings. This is like lateral thinking about the same problem.

Step 2. Think Opposite!
Think Opposite!
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Great Yogi Patanjali suggested this way of just thinking exactly the opposite of the negative thought. Find out the positive, brighter, happier side of your problem and think that way only.

Step 3. Think Positively!
Think Positive!
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This way is advised by Gautam Buddha. When you are thinking you know which is positive and which is negative. By choice, and with great concentration, you should develop a habit to think and concentrate only on positive side.You can make a list of positive things to do in the morning. As and when you get spare time, you can refer to this list and direct your mind towards the pending positive things only.

The most effective, easy, and surest way to harbor the positive thoughts in your mind is to recite the following Universal Prayer devised by Sadguru Shree Vamanrao Pai, as many times as possible.
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You can recite it as the last thing before you go to sleep, and as the first thing you get up in morning. It is extremely beneficial. Do try it!