5 Cool Friendship Day Celebration Ideas!!

It’s the first Sunday of August 2015! Yes, you guessed right! It’s Friendship Day!Finally the day to celebrate FRIENDSHIP has arrived. Wondering how to celebrate this Friendship day?

Here are some ideas for you to make your day very special!

Plan something crazy together!

Sky Dive with Friends!!
Sky Dive with Friends!!

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In our busy schedule at times it gets difficult to catch up with friends. This is the day when you can visit an amusement park, or indulge into adventure sports, sky diving, river rafting etc. Scream your guts out and enjoy!!

Make Friendship Notes or Messages!

Gift Self-made presents!
Gift Self-made cards!

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Let your friends know that you are thinking about them. Make them feel special by sending notes. Notes can be of some of the past moments you have spent together or just sentences to appreciate their friendship. You can upload a video to convey your feelings.

Give your Friends Gifts!!
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A small but thoughtful gift is a good way of celebrating friendship day. It can be a homemade card or a cake that you have baked yourself or an old picture of yours in new frame.

Cook and Eat together!

Cook and Eat Together!
Cook and Eat Together!

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This gives you ample time to gel with each other. A barbecue in garden or baking cup cakes can do the trick.

Plan a Night out!

Let the fun begin!!
Let the fun begin!!

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A fantastic way to celebrate with your entire gang. The rule is nobody sleeps. Dance, drink, play, gossip …enjoy.

Happy Friendship Day!!