5 Things You Learn In Your First Job!

Your First job comes with its own set of expectations, financial freedom, learning, experiences and frustrations.

Make sure you don’t leave the first one without learning these 5 things.

MS Office
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Trust me, all you are ever going to need in your work life is Excel Word and Outlook. The faster you master it the better. Learn the nuances now, because 3 years down the line, you are either going to be the one who knows how to Vlook Up or not!!

How to operate the monsters…..printer and scanner!!
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Yeah.. that’s your second best friend in office after excel. At first, this may seem a daunting task, with huge machines that make noise, eventually you will fall in love with it. You will understand the nitty gritties of printing on an envelope and how to place the letter head for a perfect print. After some time you will get obsessed and then you know it is time to stop!!
If mastered, this skill will give you access to information you will never have (others will give you random documents to print and scan) and if your printers are close to the coffee machine you will make new friends… important in a first job no??

The art of writing or NOT writing that email
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Email is an important means of communication, but you will also use it for many other things ( read : negotiations, escalations, giving and receiving feedback). The most important thing to learn is when to write a mail and when to let it pass. Knowledge of when a mail can work and when it can’t will add loads to your self confidence and problem solving skills.

Additionally if you can master the art of CC and BCC, trust me, you are set to succeed!

Report the good, the bad and the ugly. In short, report everything. Each manager expects you to keep him/ her up to date with everything.  Added points for learning how to say the right things and communicating effectively!!

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As a fresher, you will always have a lot of things of things to do.  Understanding which thing to do when based on importance and urgency, will ensure you complete things in time… very very important, if you want added responsibilities quick!

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