8 Good Habits for Safe Eating!

While eating, we eat as per the wishes of our tongue. We usually gorge on our favorite and tasty foods – which most of the times are harmful to our body. If we remember the following eight points about safe eating, it will go a long way in ensuring a healthy lifestyle!

Start Your Day With Fruits!Image Source
Be a “Fruitarian”. Include fruits in your breakfast. Eat fruits of all colors and all tastes. These will provide you with essential nutrients like Vitamins and Fibers!

Drink Juice Not TeaImage Source
Start your morning with a Fresh Fruit Juice instead of a Tea or Coffee. Same is true for afternoon Tea or Coffee!

Wash Vegetables!Image Source
Make sure you wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly before eating to clean them of the harmful pesticides sprayed on them.

Soak Grapes in WaterImage Source
Along with the nutritional value, fruits like grapes come loaded with pesticides which may not go even after washing them with water. To remove these stubborn pesticides, keep them soaked in water and Soda Bicarb (Baking Soda) for 20 minutes.

Throw Outer Leaves of Cabbage
Image Source
Throw away the outer leaves of the vegetables like cabbage as they are coated with dirt and harmful chemicals

Damaged FruitsImage Source
Avoid fruits and vegetables which look tarnished, slimy, or dried up. This indicates that they were stored at improper temperature. These have a lowered and degraded nutritional value.

Wash Cleaning BoardImage Source
Wash vegetable cutting board with soap and water to keep it clean and hygienic.

Wash Hands!Image Source
Wash hands at least for 30 seconds before and after handling food articles.