10 Amazing Facts About Incredible India You Had No Idea About!!

Incredible India is the cradle of the world’s civilization. India was the knowledge center of the world! India is the birthplace of great religions like Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism and others. India is the giver of the Tolerance principle to the world!

Read on to find some more amazing facts about our Incredible India!!!

#1 The name “ India “ is derived from the river Indus,over 5000 years ago Indians established Harappan culture in Sindhu valley i.e Indus valley civilization.

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#2 Chess was invented in India.
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#3 Algebra, Trigonometry and calculus originated in India – not only the “Zero”!

Severus Sebokt of Syria in 662 CE: (the following statement must  be understood in the context of  the alleged Greek claim that all mathematical knowledge emanated from them) :

I shall not speak here of the science of the Hindus, who are not even Syrians, and not of their subtle discoveries in astronomy that are more inventive than those of the Greeks and of the Babylonians; not of their eloquent ways of counting nor of their art of calculation, which cannot be described in words – I only want to mention those calculations that are done with nine numerals. If those who believe, because they speak Greek, that they have arrived at the limits of science, would read the Indian texts, they would be convinced, even if a little late in the day, that there are others who know something of value. (Nau, 1910)

#4 Largest number of Post Offices are in India-1,54,882 Post Offices as on 31.03.2014. Out of these 1,39,182 (89.86%) are in the rural areas.
India Post
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#5 The Kashi Vishwanath Temple and the Tirupati Balaji Temple both receive more visitors than the Vatican City and Mecca combined.
Kashi Vishwanath Temple
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#6 Kumbh Mela a religious gathering in India is the largest gathering of people, it is so large that it is visible from space.

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#7 India’s first rocket was transported on a cycle. And a satellite was brought in on a bullock cart.

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#8 Martial arts like Kung Fu and Karate have evolved from the ancient Indian Martial art – Kalaripayattu! It was taken to China and Japan by Buddhist Monks who went there for spread of Buddhism. The monks learnt it for self defence.
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#9 Universities like Nalanda (Bihar) and Takshashil (Now in Pakistan) were teaching students for more than 500 years. Roughly 10,000 students would pass out from these Universities each year with students coming from all over Asia and and as far as Turkey. When Nalanda was plundered by Muslim armies of Bakhtyar Khilji – it burned for 3 months – Imagine the number of books lost!
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#10 Medical science in India was so advanced that Surgeons like Sushrut were able to do organ transplants and plastic surgery of deformed body parts. It is said Indian surgical instruments were so fine that Indian doctors could longitudinally dissect a human hair!

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India is not just a over populated country, but a country with amazing heritage, culture and vast knowledge. Be proud to be a citizen of Incredible India and be an Incredible Indian!!

Wish you all a very Happy Independence Day!!

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