6 Sure Signs That You Desperately Need a Break From Work!

Have you been over working? Here are some signs that hint you to take that much deserved break from work…

1. Getting irritated

IrritatedImage Source
No matter what someone says or does you’re in a bad mood. You are constantly triggered for arguably no real reason. At times even before anything happens you start getting fussy. Well enough a reason to head towards a vacation.

2. Feeling tired
TiredImage Source
When the alarm clock goes off and the first thing that you want to do after a night long sleep is to sleep more.  You start walking in every day in a haze of exhaustion. This means you need some rest badly.

3. Making small mistakes

Small errors are result of working too much. Our brain just kind of stops paying the amount of attention that it is supposed to. Small typo errors, silly mistakes are just the right hints for taking a break.

4. Unable to focus.
Unable to FocusImage Source
Are you spending a lot of time at work playing a mobile game? Or does the computer screen go blur? Ability to focus is very essential in doing good work and if you are having troubles focusing then you’re not able to give your best. Just take some time off for yourself.

5. Neglecting health.

You start making excuses for your aerobics or yoga classes claiming tiredness. You start eating the junk or bad food you know will harm your body. Act fast to relieve yourself from the stress before it makes you pay in some different way.

6. “I don’t care” attitude.
Bad AttitudeImage Source
At home you are either flipping channels or surfing aimlessly. You also ignore messages and invites from friends and relatives and pretend that your family does not exist. Vacation may be just the right idea to focus back on your social and personal life.