7 Secrets Of Successfully Shifting Your House!

Shifting is never easy, you have to be on your toes and relocate. If you follow the  7 steps religiously, you will, however, have it made easier for you!

Step 1. Planning is the keyword!

Planning is the keyImage Source
Plan ahead and plan properly. Even if you hire the movers you have to involve yourself and supervise it. Many things to decide like whether you want to hire packers and movers company or you want to do it on your own. Plan early so that you get enough time to organize and when you are organized you will save time, money and energy.

Step 2. Make a BudgetMake a BudgetImage Source
Decide on the amount you want to spend for relocation, keeping in mind the distance between the relocation sites, weight and volume of the goods, seasons, weekdays or weekends, the fragile goods will cost more while shifting etc. All these things will decide the cost for relocation.

Step 3. Make lists!
Make Lists!
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Keep a detailed list of things to do while shifting, it will help you save time. Decide on what you want to send through hired companies and what you want to take it on your own. When that list is ready you can easily get quotations from the companies.While checking the estimation keep in mind what all they are covering, low cost is not always good.

Step 4. Beware of Hidden Charges!
Hidden Charges
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Be clear in your transactions and avoid any hidden charges. Always insist on written quotations and itemized costs head. Clarify each and every point before only, don’t take anything for granted.

Step 5. Pack Yourself!
Pack Yourself!
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If you ask the company to pack they will charge extra. To save money you can easily pack your own things, get big boxes from your nearby grocery and medical store for free. Fragile things can be packed by the movers company or use old curtains, towels in the boxes for extra cushioning and pack it.Take pictures of the major items before packing so that if there is any damage to the goods you have proof that it was not damaged beforehand.

Step 6. Insure your stuff!
Insure Your StuffImage Source
Don’t ignore insurance as it is very important, accidents can happen. Before finalizing the hiring company check their authenticity. Ask for their documents license, registration papers etc.

Step 7. Check and Double Check!
Double Check!Image Source
Last but not least be calm and follow your list to the last item. Check and recheck each and every item and then only take the possession from the moving company. Once everything is accounted for in their proper condition then only make the final payment.

These tried and tested 7 steps are sure to help you out in moving! Happy Moving!