Having a Skype Interview? Here are 5 Things You Need To Know!!

Given the time crunch these days, both for the recruiters and the candidates, more and more companies are opting to take interviews on Skype, at least for the first one or two rounds…..

So, here are 5 MUST –to do’s before you take that call for a Skype Interview!!

#1 Get used to Skype
asdCreate an id well in advance. Get used to the technology. Make a few Skype calls to your friends and check out the features of audio and video settings.

#2 Skype = Audio + Video
Recently I was supposed to meet a candidate online for a Skype Interview. The call started and when I asked him to start the video, he told me that he didn’t have a camera on his laptop.  When asked why he agreed to do the call, when he was not ready, he mentioned that he thought he would do an audio call on Skype.
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If somebody wants to do an audio call, it is called a telecon. Interviewers do a Skype Interview because they want to see you.

#3 Profile Pictures – It’s not Facebook!
While Skype may be used for personal and professional work, when taking an interview call, it is preferable that you use a professional picture and if you don’t have one, don’t use any!

Profile Pictures like these are a strict No-No!
Profile Pictures like these are a strict No-No!

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#4 Background matters
Decide a place from where to take the call. As far as possible it should not be your office.  If you live in a bachelor’s accommodation, ensure that there aren’t any clothes hanging in the background.
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#5 Lighting
Ensure that there is enough lighting in the room and that you are facing the light such that there is enough light on your face.
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A practice call with a friend is a good way to test your internet connection, audio and video clarity and lighting. It becomes extremely irritating for an interviewer to tell these things to each candidate and if you are prepared, you have already made a good first impression

 Best of luck for your interviews!!

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