Top 5 things people do to ensure their resume is never shortlisted….

So, you have been applying for jobs….here….there….everywhere. But alas, your resume is not getting shortlisted! We all do things in order to get shortlisted, but there are some who ensure that theirs will never be.

1. Call it a “Carrier”
Yes. After all, your career is what is carrying you, but by calling it a “carrier” you have ensured that the recruiter scanning your resume is irked by the first line itself.
Well, I guess this one’s not carrying much for you.

2. Speak of yourself as a 3rd person
Don't Speak of yourself as a 3rd person
Chances are, the recruiter feels you are too senior for this position. After all, that’s why you speak of yourself as a 3rd person, isn’t it?

3. Mention redundant contact details or still better don’t mention your contact details at all!!

Let the recruiter hunt you down. Why leave a cell number or mail id?  Eh ?

4. “ We specialize in Punjabi, South Indian, Chinese, Thai , Continental and Gujarati Thali”
If SEO’s have spoilt us for anything, its adwords.
Except that this is your resume and if you have all competencies required for a CEO in a span of 3 years, chances are, more often than not, that nobody is going to believe you!

5. To :;

You might as well write “to whom so ever it may concern”

Floating your cv to all recruiters in a single mail is a sure shot way of ensuring that none see it. What’s more, you come across as somebody who couldn’t care less about your “carrier” !