Vishal-Aditya from India Emerge Winners in Global Peace Song Awards 2016 with their Peace song Bhalobasha

22-23 year old boys From Chennai (India) Vishal-Aditya win themselves a Global Peace Song Award and are the youngest to do so by competing with some world class musicians from around the world with their 5 language Peace song “Bhalobasha“.

The Project Peace on earth envisioned music to bring World peace and were looking for Uplifting ,Popular , attractive ,Appealing and Inspiring Musicians and Songs from around the world.

Various Musical Legends are brand Ambasadors of this project which include world famous Nusrat Fatheh Ali Khan , Marcello De Francisci and many other prominent Musicians.

Bhalobasha is a song that was composed for World Peace , Humanity , Compassion , forgivingness by Vishal-Aditya and thrives on the importance of how small helping hands can make a difference in the larger picture and why it is important to keep loving our fellow beings.

The song was nominated to be in the finals alongside some of the finest compositions for world peace from around the world by an esteemed set of jury panel in early June this year.

The song which is sung by Aditya, Vaishali , Sai Sharan went on to Win a Global Peace Song Award and Vishal-Aditya happen to be the youngest and the only Indians in the prestigious list.

Young Musician Duo Vishal & Aditya
Young Musician Duo Vishal & Aditya

Words from the Composers :

“We had 5 different themes that we wanted to touch upon and brought them about using five different languages.

The process of finalising the lyrics for each language was the most time consuming and interesting process and we relished our work in exploring the beauty and essence of the other regional languages of our country.

We had a Skype conversation running parallel during each recording session with the respective lyricists to ensure we get all the pronunciation spot on.

(Hindi and Bengali – Vikram Edke , Telugu – Krishna Kanth , Malayalam –Vinaayak, Tamil – Karthikeyan)

We submitted our song Online with a brief write up on our objective to Global Peace Song Awards.

The Victorious Duo
The Victorious Duo

The Competition:

  • We had to compete against some of the finest musicians in the world which included Several Grammy award winning /nominated artists and Hollywood Musicians.
  • We were totally taken by surprise when we were nominated and always believed we had in ourselves to go forward and win it.
  • We trusted our art and intentions through out, to be winners and god has only been kind enough to us.
  • We would like to dedicate this achievement to our Country and thrive to keep making an impact with our music for World Peace.
  • We are looking forward to be a part of Project Peace on Earth world concerts and perform with some world class musicians and make a difference with our Music.
Global Peace Song Awards 2016
Global Peace Song Awards 2016

Read Official Press Release here
Global Peace Song Awards 2016 Finalists