Is it Time to Welcome Back Maggi?

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It’s not long back that we had to stop eating our favorite snack #MAGGI.  Millions of Bachelors, Engineering Students were left orphaned when #MeriMaggi was taken off the shelves. Our hearts were broken into a million pieces when Nestle had to pay someone Rs. 20 Crore to destroy Maggi worth Rs. 370 Crore.

In June this year Nestle had to take Maggi off the shelves, after few states decided to ban the noodles. Food Safety Standards Authority of India(FSSAI) had banned Maggi instant noodles terming them “unsafe and hazardous” for human consumption due to its lead levels being beyond permissible limits. FSSAI also said that Nestle violated labeling regulations on taste enhancer ‘MSG’ and ordered company to submit compliance report on its orders.

Nestle had challenged the FSSAI decision in Bombay high Court where the hearing is concluded and the judgement is expected at a later date.

However on Wednesday another laboratory found Maggi to be in compliance with the country’s food safety standards. And guess what – this lab was also FSSAI Approved!! Irony just died!! If one FSSAI approved lab finds Maggi bad for health while the other says lead is within permissible limits – what does it say about the standards of FSSAI Approval??

Goa FDA had sent the Maggi noodles samples to Mysore based CFTRI for retesting of the safety of instant noodles after FSSAI expressed apprehensions on state FDA’s initial report, which had found lead within permissible limits.

Nestle India sees this as a very positive development for Maggi which may soon make way back to the shelves.As per Nestle India’s chief Suresh Narayanan they are making all efforts and will continue to engage with authorities to bring Maggi Noodles back in market.

So lets keep our fingers crossed!! Lets hope our #BelovedMaggi is getting back on the shelves and giving housewives, students, bachelors a chance to be happy again!!

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