Who says Indians don’t Innovate? 11 Images that shatter this myth!

The Oxford Dictionary defines “jugaad” as

Jugaad (noun) :  the use of skill and imagination to find an easy solution to a problem or to fix or make something using cheap, basic items

Jugaad or Innovation comes to us Indians naturally. You can say it’s in our DNA! So much, that the Oxford Dictionary was compelled to include it in their Dictionary! So whenever you meet any smart-ass who says Indians don’t innovate, smack them in the face with this article!

Read on!

Jugaad #1

The Bike-Tor!

Bike Cart!

Got no tractor? No Bullock also? Don’t worry, you just need the “passion” to plough your fields! This Indian farmer shows that Necessity is the Mother of Invention! Kudos!!

Jugaad #2

The Remote Control!

Remote PoleWife hid the remote because you are too lazy to get off the couch and do chores around the house? Well this Indian husband just showed her who’s the boss!! (That he did not get any dinner that night is a different issue!)

Jugaad #3

The AutoCop!Playboy Lock

Who needs an expensive alarm system for the car when it costs more than what your car is worth? This Indian Playboy sticks to traditional anti-theft systems and saves a lot on the cost! (Notice the Playboy stickers on the Windows)

Jugaad #4

The Shower!


Who needs a Plumber when one can fix the shower within Rs.20? Moreover, it is portable! Just attach it to any tap and – Voila! You have a Shower!!

Jugaad #5

The “No-More-Tears” Jugaad!

No More Tears

They made a No-more-Tears shampoo for babies. I say, Why should babies have all the fun? This amazingly resourceful Indian Housewife found an innovative way to stop the tears when cutting onions!

Jugaad #6

The Heater!

The Heater

Feeling Hungry in Office? But there’s nothing to heat your veg. puff? Just do what this innovative guy did! I am sure he must be an engineer! If there was any award for Jugaad, I would give it the Jugaad of the Year award!!

Jugaad #7

The Cooler!


After The Heater comes The Cooler! Laptop Cooling fans too expensive? Here’s a home-made solution to that! With this powerful Jugaad, your laptop will stay ice cool and never heat up! Just be careful it does not fly off!

Jugaad #8

The Fork-get Me Not!forkget me notLost your spoon? Don’t worry, the Fork-get Me Not is here to help! Just pierce the fork with a paper cup and behold – you got a make-shift spoon! Now you can have your soup and eat it too!

Jugaad #9

The Wheel!

The WheelIt is said, the Wheel as an invention turned around the fortunes of mankind. Well, the Wheel has been re-invented by this jugaadu Indian and it will changed the world of mobile gaming!!

Jugaad #10

The Hammock!

The Hammock

Crowded train compartment? No place to sit? Don’t worry, just use your Lungi and make your private hammock! Now no one can disturb you and you can sleep like a baby (Literally)!

Jugaad #11

The Shave Cam!

Shave Cam

This is the best example of utmost utilization of available resources and harnessing technological prowess to accomplish trivial tasks! You will never feel the lack of a mirror if you have a laptop handy!!

Could there be more amazing innovations by our beloved Jugaadu Indians? If you find out any, do let us know below in the comments section!