Nehraji tussi great ho!

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Ashish Nehra – Indian cricket’s comeback man!

Is Ashish Nehra a great player? Does he deserve to choose a venue for his retirement match? Should he have been selected at 38? Indian cricket fans might debate over this for long; however, today’s article isn’t about his cricketing prowess. It’s about Nehraji’s indomitable spirit and his refreshingly unique persona!

Four life lessons Ashish Nehraji has to offer –

Treat your setbacks as platforms for comebacks

The man has undergone 12 surgeries! Very few sports personalities can boast of repeatedly making successful comebacks after so many grave surgeries and long gaps. Even Nehraji candidly admits that the only body part that hasn’t undergone a surgery is his tongue, which he uses ever so eloquently. Whoever thought Nehraji was a calm and quiet person, watch the video below and be prepared to have your mind blown! Breakfast with champions – hosted by Gaurav Kapur.

Be your own champion

Let the naysayers eat shit! That’s the attitude Nehraji has had throughout his 18-year-long career. Ashish Nehra never shies away from praising himself in front of the media – be it praising himself for being a superb fast bowler at 38 or his strong belief that he could play 40-50 matches more! His self-confidence, passion for cricket and desire to succeed has helped him survive.

Ashish Nehra displaying fractured finger
Injury? What injury?

“It’s good news for Indian cricket that they have picked ability and not age. He is an exceptional T20 bowler. I think he will come out with flying colours in this series as well.” – Ganguly, India Today.

Brush it off!

Things will never go as planned, people will come and go, life will move on. Nehraji is a living proof of this. He has played under eight captains – Azhar, Ganguly, Kumble, Gambhir, Sehwag, Dravid, Dhoni, Kohli and Inzamam. He jokes about his injuries, the selectors, his team players, his age and his family. Don’t take life too seriously. Be an unperturbed glider like Nehraji.

Ashish Nehra with his teammates
Ashish Nehra with his teammates

“The team’s atmosphere becomes good when he comes to the side. It feels great to have him back in the side.” – Bumrah, Indian Express.

Humour on self is the best form of humour

A lot has been said about Nehraji’s huge pearly whites! He himself cracks jokes about how if he ever shaved his head, his face would only consist of his huge teeth! Accepting your quirks and owning them proudly is something that can be learnt from Nehraji.

Ashish Nehra with his family
Ashish Nehra with his family

“I don’t know what happened. Whether it is my face, I don’t know. I am happy that my wife likes my face.”- Nehraji