5 Tips to Save on Vacation!

In today’s hectic lifestyle everyone looks forward to that much deserved break…VACATION. But with the increasing costs of fuel and other necessary items, the vacation can definitely leave a big hole in our pockets. Here are steps which will help you to reduce the vacation costs substantially. No one can stop you from giving your family some memorable days of their life….Happy Vacation…

1. Planning is the key
Planning the vacationImage Source
Plan your travel dates and destination well in advance. Airfares tend to increase as you near the travel date. Last minute booking for train and flights are always done with a premium. Also as you have time left for travel you can wait for deals and offers on different websites with regard to accommodation and food.  Booking your hotel in advance may help you avail great discounts and also avoid disappointment of rooms full in your preferred place.

2. Compare
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With the increasing competition in travel industry the customer is offered many discounts and deals. Research online on various travel portals. Understand and calculate the end rate that one needs to pay after including taxes etc. Different travels websites offer different rates for the same accommodation as their discounts vary.

3. Bargain
Bargaining is an art particularly in Indian markets.  When the seller is quoting you a price, be convinced that it’s just an estimate, unless it has a fixed price tag on it. You must have done some research beforehand about the prevailing market rates. Bargain your way through persistent negotiation and reduce the price you pay in the end. This can be used for major expenses of your travel like accommodation, taxi, shopping etc.

So don’t hesitate as you will always be able to save big money by bargaining.

4. Savour Local Food

Venture out for the local food instead of going for familiar food chain restaurants or ordering from the hotel you are staying in. Local hotels, stalls can save remarkable amount of your money. Also, you will get the distinct taste of local culinary.

5. Travel Off – Season
Off Season TravellingImage Source
The off-season tariffs of hotels and transportation come down reasonably. This is the perfect time for all those who want to travel in a limited budget. Off – Season also means fewer crowds which will enable you to explore the place completely. Your bargaining power also increases as most of the business has fewer customers.